Meet our story


Hello! Hajimemashite (nice to meet you in Japanese).

We are a Malagueño-Japanese couple who has been together for 23 years. After living in Japan for 13 years we decided to come back to Malaga with our son in 2021. We are happy to be here again, enjoying sunny Malaga and sharing with you our authentic Japanese cuisine.

experiencia la cocina japonesa


Did you know that all our menu is homemade? From the noodles to de Ramen broth, the Gyoza, Karaague Chicken or Takoyaki. We take te time to prepare any dish and dessert slowly. We want you to enjoy the authentic Japanese cuisine experience in Yatai Ramen Edupa.

*In 1999, in the past century, we started our business in Plaza Cervantes in Malaga with the first Edupa restaurant. After moving them to Japan with Edupa Japan and Edupa Tapas Japan, we have come back with our new experience, Yatai Ramen Edupa, best ramen in town. Hope you enjoy it!


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